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“At Tendring Technology College we had big issues with our internet provision supplied....read more
Ken Sime - IT Manager
“Sip have provided our Internet feed for a number of years and I could not recommend them...read more
Jez Turner – Managing Director
“Due to the continuing development of the cloud, off-site storage, and the demands of an...read more
Mike Twist - IT Manager


Quote of the day

We're solely focused on delivering Internet connectivity solutions – service experience is not diluted.
Our solutions are cost effective – maximise return for your investment.
Faster connections – as more applications and services are delivered from the cloud your organisations performance depends on the speed of your connection.
We speak your language - ensuring you get the product that fits because we understand your environment and drivers.
Receive the service you buy - our Service Level Agreements are real. They have been developed from actual service performance.
We take pride in what we do – be assured that you enjoy the highest levels of support. Don’t take our word for it just listen to our customers.