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School Internet connectivity is our speciality. We are dedicated to improving your experience with the Internet no matter where you are.
We deliver a set of Internet connectivity products that can match exactly, the service your facility deserves. We can help you with the following Internet related products:

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What should I get from my ISP?
We think you would agree that the primary objective of any Education facility is to deliver the best learning experience possible. All the various systems and services that support the day to day operation of the school should simply just work – allowing you and your team to concentrate on the important job at hand.

You need an Internet connection that performs exceptionally and does not inhibit your ability to do your day job. In fact it should compliment what you do by delivering data to and from the school as efficiently and quickly as possible. Your ISP is required to deliver an amount of duplex (up and down) bandwidth that improves application performance. Easy? As you have probably noticed there seems to be a very wide range of connectivity options out there. All claiming to be an ideal connectivity type and all under the umbrella term “Broadband” – in reality there are only a handful of connectivity options and each with subtle variations in speed, reliability and performance. So what are the differences between all the options and which is best?

Well honestly, the best connectivity option is always going to be a dedicated leased line. Nowadays leased lines are delivered as Ethernet connections directly between your site and the Internet. We would always suggest seriously considering an Ethernet based solution if at all possible. Over the last few years the prices have become much more affordable – many Schools are already enjoying this type of connectivity. True Ethernet is the optimum solution as it delivers guaranteed Internet bandwidth that is dedicated to you and not shared, contended or impaired at any point. The Ethernet connection is also supported by a higher “grade” of operational guarantees and is therefore able to support a better SLA (Service Level Agreement). These connections are available from 10mb up to 10,000mb/s.

The next best type of solution is also a dedicated leased line as above – this time delivered using an EFM (Ethernet in the First mile) technology. This variant uses the same copper cables used for your phone lines and delivers a dedicated Ethernet connection to your site. EFM is “distance dependant” meaning the closer your School is to the local serving exchange the more chance that you have of receiving a reliable or higher bandwidth service. Availability can be accurately ascertained via a desktop survey. EFM is also not contended like other products can be. This bandwidth option can support up to 40mb/s of throughput so is an ideal method of delivering larger bandwidth into places that have problems with getting True Ethernet installed.

As the product is distance dependant, bandwidth availability can be limited the further away from the serving exchange. The reliability is almost as good as using a dedicated Ethernet service and is still supported by a meaningful SLA.

Next are the mass-market services FTTC. Arguably, slightly above that of traditional ADSL+ or Max services. The bandwidth method for this level of service is FTTC or Fibre-to-the-cabinet (that’s typically the green, black or brown box at the end of the street). FTTC again uses the same copper infrastructure as with EFM. With this solution, a dedicated fibre connection runs from our core network or PoP (point of presence) to the Internet and terminates at the local exchange – from here fibre connects to the cabinet you see in the street. The copper infrastructure that currently supports your phone lines is then used to connect to you.

The speed, at close proximity to the cabinet and your site start off at a very high bandwidth level but deteriorates rapidly as distance increases. The quality of the copper infrastructure between your site and the cabinet also impacts performance. Bandwidth starts off at 80mb down – but know one ever gets close to this. During the initial period the line is tested and stabilises as the performance settles. FTTC is also shared by other organisations using the service in the vicinity, so no matter what you do it WILL suffer contention – this contention ratio cannot be predicted and therefore the service that you have cannot be 100% guaranteed. It may not suffer from degradation now but may do in the future as other companies and homes use the service.

ADSL (Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line). We use ADSL2+ where possible - The maximum output speeds for ADSL, is 24Mbps for the latest version ADSL2+. The connection is copper between the exchange and your business. The speed is again affected by distance. Copper wire has electrical resistance as it is prone to electrical interference and even erosion / corrosion. These "noise" issues ultimately affect the service – ADSL and FTTC are ideal backup or secondary site alternatives.

Our products are designed for primary schools, secondary schools, academies, colleges and universities.

Our view of the world.

Over the short, medium and long term, the number of developments, general growth of applications and content used in Business and Education today will continue its aggressive growth. The bandwidth you require to support your infrastructure and users will simply keep growing.

Education uses the Internet like most modern businesses today as an important means of communication and to support key applications. Most areas of running a School depend upon the performance of a quality connection to the Internet at ALL times.

Internet speed and reliability is one thing but of equal importance is the flexibility and intuitive nature of your Internet management systems. This means that you need the right Firewall attributes and Content Filtering lists in place too. You want to continue doing what you do best – so your systems need to work with optimum effectiveness, with as little human intervention as possible. Many Schools implement their own safeguards and that is fine – however, we can assist with our set of ancillary products too. You manage the systems, we both manage the systems or we manage the systems entirely – it’s whatever suits your situation the best.

Managing the Internet characteristics of your users, all adds moves and changes and upgrades should be handled seamlessly and effortlessly. We have the systems to support your school. Curriculum content is increasingly being driven from the cloud – meaning that the quality of your Internet connection is a direct impact on the Schools ability to perform.

SystemIP is already serving many Schools across the UK with Internet solutions – we are a dynamic ISP focused on enhancing your experience with the Internet. We understand the importance of providing reliable, robust Internet products to Education. Being a credible ISP is a full time job – providing a simple to use and flexible portfolio of products to match your Internet requirements.

Please call one of our consultants to discuss further or answer any questions..

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Content Filtering for Schools
E-Safety is the watchword of the moment – it is the number one consideration when looking at the provision of Internet. It is of critical importance to your School Infrastructure. If you have a connection to the Internet you will need to implement a set of Firewall and Content Filtering rules so that all user’s - that includes BYOD - are as safe as possible.

All technology is evolving incredibly quickly at the moment and you must deploy a dynamic environment to match these changes thus ensuring you are doing everything you can to limit risk. Are you doing enough to protect your users from the Internet? – if your requirement is to outsource the E-Safety element of your School then we have the right partners to set your mind at rest. Whatever you do you must give serious consideration and develop a short, medium and long-term view of how you are protecting your environment and users.

There is no doubt that the use of web content and applications is a positive force within education. The ability of students to research relevant topics has enhanced the Education environment. However, you have an obligation to ensure that users can do this in a rigorously protected zone. We offer your users protection from access to eroneous content – be assured the systems in place are the right ones for you.

We offer two types of filtered web access via proxies. One is implemented centrally on SystemIP servers, the other relies on an on-site proxy server; both options allow proxying and filtering of both HTTP and HTTPS traffic. We would recommend the use of the on-site solution for your network as this allows Active Directory integration and offers greater flexibility and configuration options.

The on-site Proxy Filter Solution features are:
  • Comprehensive subscription blacklist of over 3.6 million websites organised in 70 categories.
  • 5 levels of access ranging from: No access, whitelist only, high restriction, moderate restriction, full access.
  • Role-based access allowing different levels of access for administrators, staff, students and guests. Access granted and level selected based on AD credentials.
  • Ability to add custom sites to a local blacklist, and maintain a local whitelist.
  • Reporting on proxy use including top URLs, top domains, top users as well as use breakdown by hour, day and month. This includes both traffic and number of hits.
Where we deploy an on-site web proxy and filter option, SystemIP manage and monitor the hardware and software as part of the managed solution offered to you.
Some sample stats from our Proxy reports;

Individual reporting


Domain usage statistics


Daily reporting on usage

Email relay with spam and virus filtering
Our standard SMTP Relay E-mail service provides you with an incoming set of mail servers which perform virus and anti-spam filtering before delivering E-mails to your local mail system. Not only does this offer a more secure solution, as your local E-mail server only needs to be open for connections to our E-mail relays, it also removes the need for you to have multiple E-mail servers deployed for redundancy.

We also offer an E-mail outgoing smarthost facility as part of this service if required.